Budget Committee

7 Elected Member Board

Regular meetings are held at 7:00PM at the York Public Library on the3rd Thursday of each month.

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The York Budget Committee consists of seven members elected by York voters to serve three year terms. The terms are staggered so that two or three members are elected each year.

The committee meets on the third Thursday of each month from April to January to monitor the implementation of the budgets and to become familiar with the accounting methods and issues as well as progress on the budgets. Two committee members are assigned as liaison with the Town Manager and Finance Director, two members work as liaison with the School Department and one member is assigned to the Library. This year we rotated these assignments to give each member exposure to the unique issues and accounting in each of these areas. We also instituted a policy of meeting with Department Heads at our monthly meetings on a rotational basis to better understand departmental issues and concerns.

In addition to the liaison assignments, two budget committee members are assigned to the Capital Planning Committee that meets from September to December. In the past year some committee members have participated in Capital Building Committees including the new Police Station, High School Auditorium and the Long Sands Beach House. Committee members also toured both Town and School facilities in the past year.

Since 2009 the School Budget had been approved by the School Committee and reviewed by the Budget Committee with no ability to make any changes. The budget was then presented to a School Town Meeting as twelve warrant articles. The result of the School Town Meeting was then submitted to voters as one question on the May Budget Referendum for their approval. However, in May of 2016 the voters approved a return to the procedures for approving the School Budget as outlined in the York Town Charter thus allowing the Budget Committee to increase or decrease any warrant article in the School Budget just as it can for the Town Budget. In planning for this change of the school budgets, the Budget Committee and School Committee met last fall and focused on understanding our new roles and how we could work together.

In February and March the Budget Committee conducts televised hearings on the Town, School and Library budgets. We spend many hours both preparing for and conducting these hearings. During the hearings presentations are made at all levels from Department Heads and Principals to the Town Manager and School Superintendent. Voters are invited to make public comments at each meeting. Many questions are asked as the Committee reviews the budgets and it is common for changes to be made voluntarily in the course of the review.

When the reviews are completed the Budget Committee then votes to approve, increase or decrease each Town and School warrant item. Most items are approved. In our review of the FY18 Budget only two changes were made by the Budget Committee. One town item was increased by $34,000 to add a half time position in the Town Clerk’s office. The capital expenditure for the purchase of the state DOT facility was reduced from $1,000,000 to $625,000. The lower price comes with a restriction which limits the use of the land and facility to municipal purposes. The committee felt that it was very unlikely there would be a need to sell any of the land for a non-municipal purpose.

In May of 2016 Tom Carnicelli and Jim Smith were elected to three year terms. In July of 2016 Jerry Allen resigned. Heather Campbell was elected in November, 2016 to complete Mr. Allen’s term which expires in 2018. Nan Graves and Larry Graves terms also expire in 2018. Nelson Giordano and Don Lawton’s terms expire in 2017.

During the past year Nelson Giordano served as Secretary, Larry Graves as Vice Chair and Don Lawton as Chairman.

Respectfully Submitted by: Don Lawton, Chairman




Lawrence Graves

4 My Way

York, ME 03909

(207) 363-3323


Term Expires: Town Meeting 2018



James Smith

PO Box 226

York Harbor, ME 03911


Term Expires: Town Meeting 2019


Nelson J. Giordano Jr.

165 York Street

York, ME 03909

(207) 351-6701


Term Expires: Town Meeting 2020


Nan Graves

PO Box 225

Cape Neddick, ME 03902

(207) 363-3997


Term Expires: Town Meeting 2018


Thomas Carnicelli

P.O. Box 1228

York Harbor, ME 03911

(207) 363-2457


Term Expires: Town Meeting 2019


Heather Bridges Campbell

 (603) 502-4158


Term Expires: Town Meeting 2018


Michael Spencer



Term Expires: Town Meeting 2020

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